Corporate Training Courses

Presenting with Impact

– In this course you will learn powerful techniques to engage, influence and most importantly, inspire others.

The course provides plenty of opportunities to practise your skills with a specialist trainer for feedback and guidance, whilst developing your awareness of how others are perceiving your presentation so that you can adapt it if necessary. By taking this course, you will learn how to present information in a clear, professional and confident manner.

Managing Performance

Designed to provide managers and leaders, who have the responsibility for evaluating and managing their team members’ work, the skills and techniques needed to effectively manage performance and achieve organisational goals.

Stakeholder Management

Our Stakeholder Management course is designed to help professionals use strategies that positively manage the different levels of stakeholders within your organisation. The strategies include organising, monitoring and improving relationships by systematically identifying and reviewing your stakeholders needs and expectations.

You will learn to use the stakeholder strategy map, and explore online tools to ensure strong business relationships.

Negotiating and Influencing

Our Negotiating and Influencing course is ideal for those who require the skills to come to an agreement with another party, or a group of clients, so that all parties arrive at a solution that is suitable for everyone.This course will also examine the difference between negotiation and influencing, and when combined you maximise your chances of a win-win outcome.

Consultative Selling

This course is designed to move sales people on from the basics of ‘show-tell-sell’ to the level of a sales consultant, where there is a focus on identifying and satisfying the real needs of clients. Participants will learn how to build the all-important trust, ask the questions that identify these real needs so that the appropriate advantages and benefits can be presented. They will learn to listen more carefully, to ensure they are able to identify and act on buying signals, overcome objections and close more sales.

Customer Relationship Management

The ETP customer relationship management training course is designed for experienced customer service professionals who have a client-facing role for key accounts. This course gives the skills and techniques needed to enhance your customer service skills and enable you to provide exceptional customer service. The course is particularly relevant for people who are the key internal contacts for major clients.

Identifying Training Needs

– The Training Needs Analysis course is ideal for Human Resource (HR) professionals who need to identify training needs within a department or organisation, prioritise these needs and be able to devise and deliver the business case to the relevant parties.